A British vessel that earns an official warrant from the Queen can be designated an RRS – Royal Research Ship. We will conduct our research on RRS James Clark Ross and you will frequently see the cryptic acronym “RRS JCR” on this blog (read about other RRSs here).

(This photo is from a gallery on the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) website, and you can see more here.)

From the BAS website:
“RRS James Clark Ross (named after Admiral Sir James Clark Ross, R.N. ) was built by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, Wallsend, UK and launched by H.M. The Queen on the 1st December 1990.

The vessel can steam at a steady two knots through level sea ice one metre thick. To assist passage through heavy pack ice a compressed air system rolls the ship from side to side freeing the passage. RRS James Clark Ross is equipped for geophysical studies, with a compressor bank to power a seismic air gun array, and large aft and starboard decks for scientific equipment deployed by aft and midships gantries. For biological studies, the vessel can deploy a wide range of sampling gear and benefits from modern underway instrumentation. The ship is designed with an extremely low noise signature to allow sensitive underwater acoustic equipment to operate effectively.”

Watch a video of RRS JCR here .

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