As a part of our transit, we had a day to spend in London. My last visit was in 1994, and as a 13-year old I don’t recall thinking it was a particularly fun place. This time around I had the chance to explore the Westminster area, rode the “London Eye” – the ferris wheel that offers a great view of the city- and walked all the way from Buckingham palace to Hyde Park to Notting Hill to Paddington. I picked up a Hürriyet on the way- and by the way to those of you in Turkey, happy (belated) 29th of October Republic Day.

Found the bear at Paddington.

The London Eye - a great way to see the city in a short time.

In the afternoon the team members exploring the city met at Paddington Station Left Luggage, where we had securely “left” our 16 pieces of luggage in the morning, and after several tries, caught the train to Oxford. It took us several tries due to an unwritten restriction on the use of credit cards: using the ticket dispensing machines, we could only buy a maximum of two train tickets per credit card. We are a team of five, so naturally our first attempt was to buy 5 tickets using one credit card. Our card got declined, with no explanation, then we tried a number of combination of other cards and quantities until, by trial and error it became obvious that two was the limit. We could perhaps have bought 5 tickets with the same card at the ticket sales window from a human, but there was a really long line.

The train to Oxford was packed.

The train to Oxford was packed, and some of us had to sit on the floor. After about an hour, we reached our destination but this time waited another hour for cabs big enough to show up and drive us to Brize Norton Royal Air Force (RAF) base. The next morning we flew out for the Falklands, with a 90-minute stop at Ascension Island.


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  1. Canan Usuloglu says:

    Finally. news! I have been checking 4 or 5 times everyday.. I enjoy reading your very accurate and funny take on daily things.

    keep it up and keep your noses warm – balaklava was wonderful but it needs a detacahable nose piece..

    ofcourse with all the warmest wishes to the Team,
    curious cousin

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