Most of us were looking forward to a 2.5 hour ride to visit a penguin colony today. We contacted the people who could take us there and they wanted a hefty 80 pounds per person (Falkland pounds are the same value as UK pounds), and an additional fee for the farmer who owns the land where penguins gather. 80 pounds is a little less than $ 140 and really none of us wanted to pay that much. Maybe it turned out to be a good decision because today is a cold, rainy day and probably best spent indoors. Here are some more photos of Stanley.

Some of you have asked me how the internet connection is. It seems there is only one company in the Falklands (given how small it is, it is probably enough) called  Cable & Wireless South Atlantic Ltd which operates the phone lines and the wireless. We buy 5 or 10 pounds worth of calling cards from corner stores and use those to get online or to make a phone call. 10 pounds gives about 100 minutes on the web, and maybe about 5 minutes of phone time calling the US. Using Skype thru the internet question is a better way to make phone calls.

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