Learning to play golf was not really among the exciting experiences I anticipated getting out of this Antarctica trip. But with our 6-day wait at Stanley, clear skies and good company, it just happened to be one of the things we felt we should do while we are here.  The course here in Stanley is said to be the southern-most golf course in the world, and that added an extra motivation factor. We made a 3 pound per person “donation” into the “honesty box” at the unattended course entrance and picked up the clubs and balls provided by the Stanley Golf Club.

I had never played golf before. With great instructions from Jeff and support from Chris, Clay, Till and Eric, at the end of the 3-hour game I was having a great time and actually getting a feeling for how to swing the club. Jeff turned out to be an undercover golf-pro; first-timer Eric turned out to be a natural; Till showed that you could dress fashionably and still be good at golf;  Chris, a leftie  perfected his right-handed swings and Clay hit some great shots.


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  1. Hulya Saydam says:

    Well, guess who will be thrilled to hear about this!!!
    Your first try, and you have out-done everybody by playing at the southern-most golf course in the world. Eat your heart out Tiger Woods!

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