Finally, our first team photo! Till took this towards the end of our first day on the JCR, while still at port in Stanley. Clearly some of us were having a better time than others.

Our first team photo, thanks to Till.

Our AUV SeaBED was shipped ahead of us, in two very large boxes. We finally had access to those boxes after boarding the JCR on Friday and got to work assembling the pieces together. There were three new sensors and one camera that needed to be integrated into the electronics section all of which also needed to be tied into the vehicle’s software before we could feel good about ourselves.

Those took about a whole day, and just before dinner time, SeaBED was ready to go in the water for some test dives.

SeaBED being lowered into the water for a depth and heading test.

The tests went well and we secured SeaBED and all the gear away in preparation for our departure the next morning. Anything that might be left loose will start to fly around in the slightest roll motion of the ship, and according to Murphy’s Law, will break the most expensive instrument on your vehicle. It is also stated clearly in Murphy’s Laws that if you’re on a ship, no matter how calm the seas, you will get seasick. I usually always get sick in the first few days, and then adjust to the motion and don’t suffer too much until the end of the cruise. This time around I haven’t actually felt sick at all but from what I hear, the worst is yet to come. After all, we still have another 3 days of commuting.

The food onboard is great. A choice of full English breakfast including sausage, bacon, beans and eggs; or fruit, cereals and yogurt are offered every morning. Plenty of salad and a combination of soup, main course and dessert for lunch, and a choice of appetizer, main course, dessert and/or cheese plate for dinner. There is plenty of fresh fruit and a vegetarian option for each main course available, which makes everyone happy. We even have our own napkins.

Tomorrow we will have chicken noodle soup for lunch.

Perhaps I mentioned this earlier; we are required to dress up for all meals- men have to wear a shirt and tie, and women some business casual clothes, no sneakers or jeans. At first we were a little puzzled by this requirement; it seemed too much given how hectic our schedules would be once we reach our science stations, but quickly, meal times and decent looking people enjoying their meals (as if they were not covered in mud, grease and aqua lube a few minutes before) has become something we look forward to.


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  1. deniz says:

    Well, so far so good little sister. You all look fine. I also admired the motivation-the menu and the dressing..

    Love you

  2. Hulya Saydam says:

    Deryacim, looks like the fun has begun and I am quite impressed with the menu and the personalized napkins. The first thing I do every morning is to check and see if you have put up a new post, so keep them coming.

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