There was a small scale panic among us this afternoon – we spotted our first iceberg! The fine white line in the horizon grew bigger and bigger as we got close to it, and for those of us who were seeing an iceberg for the first time, it was quite fascinating.

Only a half hour later, all sizes and shapes of icebergs were floating all around us. Some smaller chunks even had penguins on them. Thanks to this encounter, we learned the difference between an “iceberg” and “sea ice” from the experts on board: icebergs have existed for so long that they have zero salinity. Sea ice, on the other hand, is formed by the surface of sea water being frozen over one or more years, and contains salt, at least in the bottom layer. Usually icebergs are chunks of land based glaciers (thanks to my cabin-mate Kerri for this enlightening information).

Tomorrow will be our first day studying “sea ice”.


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    Are you the dot on the left or the right on the ice from our view from the JCR’s webcam?

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