In the first meeting onboard JCR, Hanu had wished everyone a boring cruise. What he meant by this, of course, was that he hoped everything would go as planned and anticipated- so much that the routine daily operations would become boring. Hmmm… I could use a lot of adjectives to describe our first 7 days on board, but boring would not be one of them.
Yesterday, we halted a pretty successful science station midday, because the ice had been closing in on the stern of the ship, where the AUV would be deployed and recovered from. The AUV needs a good size open water pool to be deployed, and usually the recoveries are done by 2-3 people from a small boat lowered into the water, so ice closing in would increase complexity of the operation and pose some risk for those in the small boat.
Once the decision to cancel the deployment of the AUV was made about 2 PM, all people on the ice were called back onboard (some of us in the middle of their work) for JCR to move to a different ice floe. For a not-so-successful science day, I got some nice non-science photos.
Happy Bayram to followers from Turkey!

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  1. tamara says:

    non-science??? but that’s MY kind of science!!! enjoying your blog!

  2. Hulya Saydam says:

    Happy Bayram to you too Deryacim…
    Beautiful pictures!

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