Yesterday and today we were able to get go ashore and walk around Rothera for a change. We visited the base’s library, computer room, bar and its cafeteria. There was a nice timeline of the photos of the Rothera over-winterers since the 70s, and very interesting photos of the first explorers roughly 100 years ago now. From the photos it seemed to us that only starting in the late 90s women spent winters here. Since we went ashore and ate the base’s fresh baked cookies, the Rothera people are invited onboard the JCR tonight for a casual cocktail after dinner. Tonight or tomorrow, a half dozen people from the base will move onboard and we will sail out towards Stanley (sigh!) Sunday morning. Since more people will be coming on board, we had to squeeze in an extra person into our cabins.
During our walk, we saw a “family” of elephant seals relaxing behind one of the buildings, one chinstrap penguin, and several Adelie penguins. These two (new to us) species of penguins were much smaller than the Emperor penguins we were used to seeing on the ice, and because of that, to get up from their bellies onto their feet, they don’t need to use their beaks. They just push up with their wings. The 2-3 we met were very fast on their feet – perhaps they didn’t like our presence, they were running around from side to side frantically, at a very impressive pace!

Approach to Rothera. Residents watching JCR's arrival.

This came onboard the JCR. I am standing right next to the tire so you can guess how big it is.

JCR at Rothera

Susanne, Derya, Kerri, now all roommates

Frantic little Adelie

Chinstrap penguin

Elephant seals relaxing

A dozen of these seals make very funny snoring noises.

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  1. Hulya Saydam says:

    These are incredible pictures Derya. They look surreal.

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