My 12 year old cousin Elif posted a comment the other day asking me how many species of penguins there were and which one I liked the best. So far we have seen three species: Emperor, Chinstrap and Adelie. Out of these that I have seen with my own eyes, I like the Emperors the best. I think it’s because they are the biggest, fattest, tallest and despite being birds, they resemble birds the least, which makes it more interesting to me.
As for the other species that exist, Elif, the ship’s 1st officer kindly let me borrow a book on Antarctic Wildlife, and I am going to refer you to that (see the images below). We don’t have good internet access here, but you do at home, so you should do a little bit more research on the various penguin specie. They all live in the southern hemisphere, but not just on Antarctica.  In fact most live in temperate areas, and one even in the tropics.  But what do all these places have in common?  Cold ocean currents.
Also lookup what penguins eat, what preys on them, find out if they can smell and how they communicate. I think some of our followers such as Mr. Quinn’s class at Kilkeel, N. Ireland, and younger ones such as Ted’s son Ian (5) and my sister’s son Alp (7) would also enjoy learning about penguins.

A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife - The Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and Southern Ocean, by Hadoram Shirihai


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  1. Cubur says:

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  2. colin quinn says:

    Thanks for the info on penguins Derya and you are right the kids love the penguins.We didn’t realise there were so many different types.The animal that surprised us the most was the leopard seal.I was reading an article in a magazine called ,Red Bulletin , about a photographer called Karl Drevlak who has been working in Antarctica.He also mentioned the unfortunate diver who was killed by a leopard seal. The trip through the Lemaire channel looked amazing and Karl also talks about this in his article.
    best wishes ,Colin

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