On December 2nd, as a part of the End-Of-Cruise dinner (which was scheduled assuming our cruise would be over on December 3rd, not the 11th!), we the previously announced “JR240 Beard Contest”. The male scientists on board had stopped shaving since November 7th, and us three females were appointed to judge the quality of the beards at the end of the cruise. After having serious discussions and hours of meetings about what was the most deterministic and ubiased way to judge the beards, Kerri, Susanne and I came up with a very complicated scoring rubric.
First, we ran around taking photos of all the contestants. If we had let people compete solely based on the amount of facial hair they had, there would not be a need for a contest; the winners were obvious from day 1, and that clearly was not fun. So before the dinner began, we passed out a “Beard Collage” handout for everyone to match the hair bits and pieces to the owners.
This constituted Round I of the contest and if you were a contestant, AND if you matched all beards correctly, you would earn one point for yourself. As difficult as this seemed, two people, Jeff and Ted actually matched all correctly and earned a point.
The second round was a bit easier; you had to do a catwalk and show off your beard- with a twist; you had to walk like a penguin. For this round, the three judges would score your performance on a scale of 1 to 3; 3 being the best. Ted’s penguin impersonation was quite memorable and received a full score of 9 from the judges.
The final round was taking a poll from everyone rating the actual size and looks of the beards. We passed around ballots with participants names on them, and when we tallied up the results, we gave 3 points to the person who got the most votes, 2 points to the person who got the second most votes and 1 point to the participant who got the third most votes.
And after this complicated grading scheme and tough competition, the results were as follows:
2nd runner up: Keith 1st runner up: Jeff WINNER: Ted
It was perhaps unfair that the ‘Penguin March’ round contributed the most to the scores. But in a way, justice was served since all prizes were being charged to Ted’s account, there is not too big of a problem if Ted won a cocktail and a bag of crisps from his own account.
Here is the situation of the beards prior to December 2nd.

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  1. Donna Wirthlin says:

    Hi. I am Eric’s mom and my family and I wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed your blog throughout the JCR expedition. It has been a real treat to read about your experiments and adventures and read the interview with Eric as well.
    Hope all is well with you and wishing you continued safety and success.

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