Looking forward to being back home, little did I know that there was a determined and hard-working beard contest participant in my own house……

Yesterday when Hanu, Clay and I finally reached Boston, I knew my husband was going to be at the airport to pick me up. I was looking all around for him, and at one point I saw someone who had his body shape and clothes, but whoever this was, he had the wrong head! I stared and stared at this man’s face, and it clearly was not my husband, though everything from the neck down was correct. Somehow if he was my husband and I didn’t remember him, he was not going to be my husband anymore. He got closer and closer and my shock got bigger and bigger. This was Elron; without saying anything for 7 weeks, he had decided to grow a beard, and now he was sheepishly smiling at my face, proud of himself and the reaction he had gotten out of me….

Back on the JCR, once the beard contest was over most contestants shaved immediately for fear of their women. I remember thinking to myself: “But why are these women so intolerant? These people spent 7 weeks away from home and they are entitled to grow a beard”. How shallow of me! Having been there to witness the beard growth progression of everyone, I did not think at the time that ANY of the beards on board looked bad or awkward. But being exposed to my husband’s and not being mentally prepared for the impact, I learned my lesson. (I ordered the beard to be shaved off before noon today).

Well, despite the beard, it is great to be home, and I am glad my kids remembered me and did not give me the cold shoulder (they weren’t very happy about posing for this photo, though).

I would like to thank everyone who has followed this blog and sent comments or emails sharing their excitement as if they were onboard with us. Without internet and access to what is happening in the world we left behind, the messages I got from you always cheered me up. I hope I have been able to provide you a good account of what this expedition was like and that you enjoyed following us.  Many thanks to Elron (despite the beard) for being the Cambridge, MA editor of this blog and posting the text and photos as soon as he received my emails. In the next few days, I may post or edit some things here and there, but the official coverage of our trip is now over.


7 Comments on Home sweet home or is this man really my husband?

  1. colin quinn says:

    Hi Derya,
    I’ll bet you’re glad to be home with such great memories.Thanks for the blog.I learnt so much and it was fantastic to be able to use such a resource with the pupils.It made the whole topic of climate change so real and the science was absolutely fascinating for them.The part in the glacier was particularly exciting.Hope to hear from you again some time.Best wishes from”Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea” and all at Kilkeel Primary School.I hope we have inspired some future scientists.
    Colin Quinn

  2. Silvia Eckert-Wagner says:

    Thanks Derya, you´re a great journalist!It was an very impressive experience to follow your trip!
    Good bye! Silvia

  3. Deniz says:

    It was exciting and fun to follow you. Your expedition gave so much about “the land far far away”. And we also had the chance to learn more about the scientists and the JCR crew who, in my opinion are all amazing people.
    I am proud of you, my dear sister.

    Elron,you did a great job as the Cambridge MA editor but the beard…arrgghhh !!!!

  4. Hulya Saydam says:

    You have done an amazing job Derya… I always knew there was a journalist in you, and this expedition sure brought it out. I will miss starting my mornings by reading your blog, but then I am sure this is just the beginning and there will be other trips where we will tug along through your blog. Many thanks to Elron for making this happen. (Sorry to say that I am on the ‘no beard’ side as well)

  5. Donna Wirthlin says:

    Kind of sad to see “The End” but all good things must come to that I suppose. Glad everyone is home safe and well with loved ones and new experiences to share and new knowledge. Take care, Happy Holidays and Happy 2011:)

  6. Kerri Warner says:

    Don’t stop updating! 😉
    I miss you!


  7. Yavuz says:

    Impressing journey! Only a few people would be lucky enough to be a member in such team, in such mission, and there are very few people (and only one that I know) who would fulfill such task in such level of perfection and professionalism. Congratulations over and over again.
    It is great to see that you are back home safely. ‘Gözünaydın’ to Elron!
    Have a happy and glorious new year 2011.
    Taner Family.

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