Jcr Crew

Derya on December 13th, 2010

I have written about our cruise and the JCR for 6 weeks now. We have lost our AUV, then found it, twice. We have been out on sea ice, dug snow pits, drilled holes, worked from breakfast to dinner eating our lunches picnic style on the ice, and have met most of our goals. As […]

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DA: I am always confused by who works for who on the ship. Do you work for BAS? MG: Yes, I work for BAS, joined BAS 20 years ago. I have sailed on the Bransfield (which has been replaced by Shackleton), the JCR and the Shackleton as the Radio Officer. The terminology and the rules […]

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Derya on December 11th, 2010

One of the #1 followers of the JCR, my dad, specifically asked me to interview the cooks on the JCR. They probably have one of the hardest jobs on board. For long assignments like 4 months on a ship, headed towards the Arctic or the Antarctic, with a crew of about 30 and a science […]

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Derya on December 9th, 2010

In July of this year, our chief scientist Ted, along with representatives of other universities who would be participating in this cruise came to Woods Hole, MA, USA to discuss some logistics and plan out the trip in advance, as much as it was possible to plan in advance for a trip like this! One of the items highlighted was – SEE YOUR DENTIST BEFORE THE CRUISE, THERE WILL BE A DOCTOR “TRAINED IN DENTISTRY”, BUT NO DENTIST. Normally people are fearful of dentists themselves, and having had my 4 wisdom teeth painfully removed just a few months back, I could not imagine having a dental emergency handled by a ‘not-a-dentist-doctor’.

Little did I know that dentistry is only one of the many things a BAS doctors have to master. Read on from our short chat today with JCR’s doctor, Frances.

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Derya on December 7th, 2010

Richard, the purser on the JCR, was the first person to welcome us onboard. He made sure we settled into our cabins allright, went over the safety procedures and led us into lifeboats during the first emergency drill. My sister was a purser at Turkish Airlines for a while, so I wanted to chat with […]

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Derya on December 4th, 2010

The internet connection onboard is very slow, and there only two computers that have internet. In the first couple of days I tried accessing my blog through these computers in order to publish my posts, but the page just would not load, so ever since I have been e-mailing text and photos to my husband […]

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Derya on November 25th, 2010

All people stepping foot on JCR seek Johnnie the IT guy, because he is the one who makes sure you can receive and send email during the cruise (and we are all addicted to email). In the computer room on the JCR we have two desktop computers that have internet access, very highly in demand […]

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